Our Services

Caloundra Budget Tyres specialises in providing new tyres at budget prices. We also offer the following services for all major brands:

  • New tyres
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel alignments from $55
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • All 4WD tyres and mags
  • Basic servicing - log book stamped
  • Suspension


New cheap tyres

In our case, cheap doesn't mean low quality. We maintain our very competitive prices by remaining an independent retailer and avoiding franchise fees.

To get the maximum lifetime out of your quality tyres it's important to inspect them regularly, looking for any damage or uneven wear.

It's common for people to drive with underinflated tyres, which results in accelerated and uneven wearing. If you would like us to check your tyres feel free to drop by for a quick inspection. We won't try to sell you something you don't need, but we do hope you return when you do need new tyres. We are also happy to explain how you can inspect your tyres yourself in future.


Wheel alignments

Does your steering wheel vibrate? Does your car pull to one side? Are your tyres wearing quickly or unevenly? These are common symptoms of a car in need of a wheel alignment. Our friendly technicians can perform wheel alignments using the latest technology from just $55. This will extend the life of your tyres and save you money.



Have you checked your brakes lately? At Caloundra Budget Tyres we care about safety and recommend brakes are checked regularly for optimum performance. Our friendly technicians are able to replace worn out brakes at a very competitive price.



We offer a range of car batteries and can supply and install for a great price.


Basic Log Book Servicing

While you're getting your tyers replaced, why not get your next service done at the same time? We do basic servicing and will stamp your log book.



It's important to keep your suspension maintained for a safe and comfortable ride. We can help keep your suspension in top condition.


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